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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: 1996 Sequences


Thread: 1996 Sequences

Message: 1996 Sequences

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From: "Harley Lawrence" <lawrence at>

Date: Sat, 19 Aug 1995 00:56:43 UTC


      Anyone else not like downwind loops in Sportsman, or is everyone 
flying high powered airplanes these days. I hate to see them, because 
it eliminates almost any chance of wining in a low power / weight 
ratio aircraft. I can still  remember hanging from my seatbelt in a Great
Lakes back in 81 trying to at least get back to where I started from. 
The judges felt so sorry for me that no one said "flat on the top".
They just all gave it 5's and 6's with no comment and then came 
up to me later and said "Wow, that was something to watch".   

   I also hate to see the next to last manuever in Intermediate be an 
altitude losser like a split s. I didn't finish too many 
Intermediate sequences with a lot of altitude to spare. I know, take 
a break and get some altitude, but how many will, and now the judges 
have to decide just how low he/she really was. 

   Advanced doesn't look too bad. The last three manuevers are 
going to be a bear in an S-2A or Eagle, but the pilots good enough to 
fly advanced in those airplanes will find a way to save enough energy 
to do them, or make it up on their free. I would have preferred to see 
them about half way through the sequence.

   Could we please have the barrel roll back. I liked it, not as much 
as Jim Buckley did, I never had 1/4 and 1/2 barrel rolls in my frees, 
but I liked it. We gave up on it just as the judges were starting to 
understand it.    

Harley Lawrence
lawrence at
Hlawrence at


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