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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] Tech Inspection


Thread: [IAC] Tech Inspection

Message: Re: [IAC] Tech Inspection

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From: Herman Dierks <dierks at>

Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 02:13:26 UTC


   Item 2 should be OK, most certified AC W/O a constant speed prop
 do not have a seperate propeller log (it is usually part of the engine log).

 Item 3 should be fine on a new (less than 1 yr old experimental).
> regarding tech inpsections at contest.  I would like to see tech inspectors
> have more knowledgable or guidelines about the regs and requirements for
> aircraft.  The IAC rules require log books with appropriate entries. This is
> the rule that has caused some concern for my inspections but I have
> prevailed so far.  I am not opposed to the rule and believe it is a fair and
> reasonable request.  Some additional knowledge is needed however.
> I have an experimental acro mount therefore:
> 1) An experimental aircraft is not required to have an engine log.
>     The conditional inspection applies to the aircraft, not the engine
>      and airframe separate.
> 2) A propeller log is also not required.  (wood Prop)
> 3)  An appropirate entry for a recently certificated experimental
> airplane is the FAA or FAA designated inspectors endorsement and signature.
> A conditional inspection is required 12months from the month of the
> certification.
> Well whata y'all think about that.
> Darwin Jones


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