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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: 30 Minute Medical


Thread: 30 Minute Medical

Message: 30 Minute Medical

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From: Jfg48 at

Date: Sat, 02 Dec 1995 14:33:17 UTC


  They said it couldnt be done...and I almost believed them.

AOPA told me 30 to 90 days. A member of EAAs Aeromedical Advisory Council
said he had no idea, maybe 2-3 weeks. All my friends said about a month. Such
a long time just to get the FAA to re-issue my medical? 

The medical problem was not serious, just bureaucratic detail. But I needed
my medical as soon as possible. A series of ridiculous errors by just about
everyone involved, including me, lead to this need for speed.

I called the FAA at 2:20 PM to see if they had received the Faxed application
from my AME. We had a brief discussion and I was transferred to a Reviewer.
Another brief discussion and I hung up to wait. At 2:40 he called back but I
was on another line and couldnt take the call. At 2:45 I called him back and
he said, Everythings OK. Your medical will be in the mail today.

The time leading up to these 25 minutes was nearly four months. During this
period I got good but controversial guidance from AOPA, zero help from an EAA
Aeromedical Council guy, two wrong diagnosis from the first cardiologist, a
lost report from the second cardiologist, a 10 day delay by the AME in
mailing the application, lost mail after it was finally sent and I added
considerable anxiety to my already hypertensive condition. As we approached
my deadline time I began calling the FAA to first find a friendly voice and
second learn how to get through the system. I found a truly sympathetic and
helpful person and got a couple of direct line phone numbers for future use.

My AME Faxed my medical records and application to my new friend and the
result was a fresh medical issue in less than 30 minutes.

They were from the FAA and they were indeed there to help me.

Jerry Gerdes


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