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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Windoze Breadth

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Windoze Breadth


Thread: Windoze Breadth

Message: Re: Windoze Breadth

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From: dalelama at (Dale A. Evans)

Date: Mon, 04 Dec 1995 21:57:56 UTC


>From: dalelama at (Dale A. Evans)
>Subject: Re: Windoze Breadth
>Bob Buckley wrote:
>>1. Concerning scoring, are most chapters Windoze compatible at this time
>>or is DOS still the most common denominator? Meaning, do they either have
>>Windoze installed on the scoring machine or access to a machine with it?
>ALL the computers I've seen the past two years, have Windows 3.1 or
>The TBL program runs in the DOS enviornment, but can run in the DOS shell,
out of Win.
>>2. What's the desirablility for a Windoze Interface for computer scoring
>>and/or contest management compared to a conventional Dbase interface
>>compared to the current system?
>A Win-type TBL program would be fantastic! Much easier for the novice
computer "voulenteer"
>to operate, not to mention the ease of file transfers, easecially over the
internet. Registration "forms" 
>could be on homepages!
>Dale Evans
>IAC # 23 & 37
>Contest Director-33rd Sebring Aerobatic Chmps. / April 11-12-13, 1996
Dale A. Evans


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