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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: IAC CHAPTER 102

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: IAC CHAPTER 102


Thread: IAC CHAPTER 102

Message: Re: IAC CHAPTER 102

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From: DSowder at

Date: Sat, 30 Dec 1995 16:32:47 UTC


I just started Chapter 103. Evidently a bit later than you started 102! The
sample Articles of Incorporation furnished by EAA were not entirely adequate
for the State of Washington...For instance, in WA, a non-profit can't have
"inc." or "Corp." in its name. In any event, I simply called the Corporation
division at our Secretary of State's office. They were very helpful, and sent
me a remarkably simple two-page sample articles of Incorporation. One could
simply fill it out and send it back, but I had my secretary type up a nice
set. Of course, since I just mailed them (along with the $30.00 fee here in
WA) two weeks ago, I haven't received our Cert. of Incorporation yet. Also,
the EAA says that if any changes are made to the EAA sample, they need a
letter from an attorney telling them why. I don't plan to do that...I'm just
going to send a copy of Washington's "sample", which I followed and which
explains briefly Washington law. Hopefully that will be adequate.
EAA also furnishes sample bylaws. I had my secretary type those into a word
processor, then I edited to suit our needs. Again, very few changes to EAA's
sample. When I get the Cert. of Incorporation, I'll send it, the Articles,
and the bylaws to EAA and hopefully we'll then be a full-fledged chapter. Oh,
and don't forget the insurance....
Hope this helps; sounds like you're almost as far along as we are.
Doug Sowder, Pres., IAC Chapter 103, aka "Spokane Aerobatic Club".


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