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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Relocation of Annual Business Meeting

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Relocation of Annual Business Meeting


Thread: Relocation of Annual Business Meeting

Message: Relocation of Annual Business Meeting

Follow-Up To: ACRO Email list (for List Members only)

From: AcroDrew at

Date: Mon, 01 Jan 1996 00:05:37 UTC


  Thank you for sending your "Reflections on 1995" letter out to the membership
via e-mail in addition to the hardcopies sent out to Chapter Presidents,
Program Chairs, and the Board.  Of particular interest to me was the section
titled, "New Bylaw Amendment Proposed."  In response I offer up the
following, I hope thoughtful, response.

There has been a lot of discussion among Texas, Arizona, California, and
Florida members about the relatively remote location of the IAC's center of
activities.  No, it isn't just Texans who make note of where Fond du Lac, WI
is.  There have been some who refer to the IAC as the Illinois Aerobatic Club
because of the heavy representation from the northern Illinois and Wisconsin
areas on the Board of Directors, the Officerships, and within the ranks of
the Program Chairs.  A relocation of the annual business meeting to a more
central location than Fond du Lac, Wisconsin may help dispel this "myth," and
may even provide incentive for others to become active in the management of

And where is that central location?  A few years ago, I did some calculations
of where the population center of the IAC was based on member home locations
and some spherical trigonometry.  The result; the population weghted center
of IAC is near Shawnee, Oklahoma.  Whether we like it or not, this is simply
due the the heavy representation from Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Texas.  As
an average, travelers to Fond du Lac would travel more than 300 miles further
than those going to Grayson County which is about 150 miles from the
population based center of the membership. 

Fond du Lac or Oshkosh are good locations for annual business meetings unless
we wish to get more involvement of the membership.  The nearest large airport
for a meeting in Wisonsin is Chicago, however then one has a long drive to
the meeting locale.  Second choices are Milwaukee, Madison, or Oshkosh.
 These second choices have poor flexibility in airline schedules and costs
are generally higher than travel into a major hub such as Chicago.

How about the proposal to meet in association with the U.S. Aerobatic
Championships at Grayson County Airport?  Well, it is about an hour from
Dallas Love Field and 1= hours from the Dallas/Ft. Worth International
Airport.  Therefore commercial service to a close location is very easy with
a lot of flexibility in schedules and the associated competitive pricing.
 From that perspective, the Grayson County location is far superior to Fond
du Lac.

Then there is the issue of representation of membership available for the
meetings.  Fond du Lac simply does not attract people from as wide an area as
does the U.S. Nationals.  A review of the roster of participants in the two
contests for the past few years proves this.  If we wish to involve more of
the membership with more diverse geographical representation in the annual
meetings then this is one way to facilitate that.  Whether this is worth the
cost of progressing through the process of handling the proposal is a matter
of opinion.  It is my opinion, based on the facts mentioned above that the
move would be advantageous to the club.

These are just a few of the facts and considerations that went into the
drafting of the proposal to move the annual meeting.  The people who made the
proposal, knowing of its potentially significant impact on the membership and
management of IAC, seriously debated its merits.  It was thought by most to
provide a worthwhile benefit to the membership as a whole.

In your letter, you note that "[T]he proposal is to be voted on at the next
Annual Business meeting or Special Meeting of the membership."  If you choose
the latter, I would submit to you that a meeting at any location in which
this proposal is considered must be held at a reasonably central location so
that affected members may attend.  Any other location could be considered by
some to be a disservice to the membership and could have appearances of
attempting to control attendance.  In addition, if a Special Meeting of the
Membership is called, it would be most helpful if it were announced well in
advance via three methods; publication of a short yet conspicuous notice in
Sport Aerobatics (inexpensive), notice in letters to IAC Chapter Presidents
(inexpensive), and notice via e-mail (almost cost free).

Thanks for reading my opinion "in favor" of the relocation.  I am reminded of
something I heard about years ago from a noted industrialist, "If you always
do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got."  Let's
look at the potential good that might come from this proposal.  In all
fairness, I'd like to hear some the rational arguments against the proposal.

Drew Lundgren


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