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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: FW: CAP-231 for sale

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: FW: CAP-231 for sale


Thread: FW: CAP-231 for sale

Message: FW: CAP-231 for sale

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From: Salvadori Luca <lsalvadori at>

Date: Tue, 02 Jan 1996 10:06:36 UTC



A friend of mine,  Andrea FOSSI (member of Italian Aerobatic Team), is 
willing to sell his own Mudry CAP-231 (F-GGYQ). Aircraft has been overhauled 
in 1995 at Mudry factory in France.
Base characteristics of the plane are:
 - Lycoming 300HP engine;
 - Year of construction: 1990
 - Total time (engine and fuselage): 510h (60% cross-country, 40% aerobatics)
 - Undercarriage: factory new (last reinforced type, May '95)
 - Engine mount: factory new (last reinforced type, May '95)
 - Wing leading edge: rebuilt with last design updates (May '95).
 - Propeller: 3-bladed Muhlbauer.
 - Colour: White with red/green stripes.
Base price: 140.000 US$ including taxes.
Delivery everywhere on arrangement.

If someone is interested could reply to me or contact directly:
Andrea FOSSI
Via Di Castelletti
50056 SIGNA (Firenze - Italy)
ph. +39-55-876134 +39-55-876135
fax +39-55-876250


Luca Salvadori <salvadori.l at>


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