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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: fs: Swift (unlimited class) Aerobatic Glider

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: fs: Swift (unlimited class) Aerobatic Glider


Thread: fs: Swift (unlimited class) Aerobatic Glider

Message: fs: Swift (unlimited class) Aerobatic Glider

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From: "Jeffry W. Stetson" <stetson at>

Date: Fri, 05 Jan 1996 16:34:38 UTC



This is the plane that has won almost all world and national glider
aerobatic competitions since its appearance in 1992.  It is the right
mount for someone who aspires to high-performance airshow work or making
the USA Team for the next World Championships in 1997.

       Phone: 713-528-3581

Serial Number 104, Date of Manufacture September, 1992
Total Time: 194 flights and 56 hours.
Equipment: Streamlined custom built trailer and handling equipment,
    canopy cover, air bottle and spare tubes, console mounted comm
    radio, dual seatbelts, factory supplied reinforced rudders, tail
    dolly,miscellaneous tools.
Paint:  Aerobatic Sunburst on wings, tail surfaces, and fuselage.
Annual: Fresh Annual upon purchase.
Price:  Reasonable, call owner or email him at cro at

N 113 TX is based at Hempstead Gliderport, 50 miles northwest of


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