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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: 30 Nov accident

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: 30 Nov accident


Thread: 30 Nov accident

Message: 30 Nov accident

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From: "ROBERT B. JOHNSON" <102501.1146 at>

Date: Sun, 14 Jan 1996 15:28:14 UTC


  To those of you who requested information on the 30 Nov 95 accident of a
Christen Eagle II, I have some preliminary data.  The aircraft was owned by
Peter Graichen of the Cleveland, Ohio area.  The pilot was John Eickmeier of
Malinta, Oh.  John had just finished a ground up restoration of the aircraft.
According to the Columbus Dispatch , the passenger was Leroy Aders of Kokomo,
In.   Mr. Aders was said to have been interested in John completing an Eagle for
him.  The two were flying over the Eickmeier family airport and had passed over
his grandparents home a few times.  That was the last time witnesses saw the
aircraft. Smoke was seen some minutes later which lead them to the accident in a
corn field.  Both occupants perished.

In conversations with Mr. Graichen , he indicated that the eagle was over 100
lbs. heavier after the restoration.  He also said that the aircraft deck angle
was minus 45 degrees on impact, and these were the only parameters that he knew
at the time.

As the safety director for IAC Chapter 34, I am fully dedicated to the education
of our members.  In the very near future, I will be requesting from our
leadership that we find a forum for accident information.  This could be in
Sport Aerobatics, Internet Home Page, or a supplemental newsletter.  I would be
very happy to volunteer to help get this off the ground.  As the safety officer
for the 178th Fighter Wing, I could implement  many of the tools and techniques
that we use for the education of our F-16 pilots toward this purpose 

One thing I would caution is that only facts and data of an accident  are
acceptable in a forum discussion or an official publication.  This is needed for
many reasons. One, to speculate serves no useful purpose except for gossip and
could be libelous. Two, early assumptions could lead to a situation where we
train to correct for a perceived problem, and then later never get the final
word that the problem was something  altogether different.   

Therefore, the only way we should get accident information is through the FAA
(like pulling teeth) and the NTSB.  With the NTSB we can access preliminary,
factual and final reports directly, and summary reports off the internet.  These
take some time however, taking 3,6 ,12 months respectively.

The IAC is a great vehicle for us to participate in this sport.  But, in any
sport where one can loose his or her life while practicing or competing,
requires that all accident information and prevention programs be readily
available to all members.  

Bruce Johnson
IAC 34 Safety Director
102501.1146 at     


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