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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Coming Down Real Fast

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Coming Down Real Fast


Thread: Coming Down Real Fast

Message: Re: Coming Down Real Fast

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From: AcroDrew at

Date: Fri, 26 Jan 1996 04:29:25 UTC


  In a message dated 96-01-25 20:27:08 EST, you (Dan Pichelman) write:

>IMHO, engineering drivel is rarely if ever irrelevant in this group.

I agree.

>How long is it going to be before we start seeing the use of speed brakes
>on the downlines?  If you're slippery enough to go waaaay up, you're going
>to come down real fast... [rv anyone?]

Some of the higher performance airplanes have very effective speed brakes
already; a big propeller with wide blades.  My Edge 540 with the three-bladed
Hartzell composite aerobatic propeller can enter a vertical line at 210 kts,
do a hammerhead turn, and pull out at the starting altitude with the speed
ranging from 160 kts to 220+.  The only difference being the power setting on
the downline.  Power off and the thing won't go any faster than about 160
kts.  Power on a little and it really scoots.  Power on a lot...well, I would
be afraid to push it that fast in trying to come out at the same altitude. 

This is just another data point in the new thread of engineering drivel, er,
useful engineering drivel.

Drew L.


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