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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: AOL hint


Thread: AOL hint

Message: AOL hint

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From: N77TW at

Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 00:14:17 UTC


  All on AOL,

Recently, I reveive no mail for several days (not just weekends).  I learned
 the following  from an on line tech:  "Sometimes the flag on your AOL
mailbox becomes "stuck."  This results in getting the "You've Got Mail sound
when you really have no mail or, probably worse, not getting mail that's sent
to you."

He suggested the following solution: "Send yourself mail with exactly the
following in the Subject box, "set mail flag".  Must be lower case and
exactly those words.  

I tried it and it worked.  Who knows how must email went down the dumper
before I did it though.  Unfortunately, the only way you know you need to use
this is when the volume trickles to zip......Like it seems to be for me now,

n77tw at


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