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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Fwd: Disgruntled


Thread: Fwd: Disgruntled

Message: Fwd: Disgruntled

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From: Unlimpilot at

Date: Tue, 06 Feb 1996 05:02:51 UTC


Forwarded message:
Subj:    Disgruntled
Date:    96-02-05 23:59:01 EST
From:    Unlimpilot
To:      IAC at

WARNING!!!  Fairly lengthy letter follows:

That's it I just can't bite my tongue anymore.

     Having just read the spiel on US Team Training program.  It looks like
the trainer is already looking for excuses.  The trainer clearly states that
in the past we had a clearly superior aircraft.  We are now flying the same
aircraft they are.  You know those Extras and Sukhois.  So I guess that
leaves just the pilots' skills.  I am not going to blame them by saying they
are not as good as anybody else. I have flown against them and on  any given
day they are as competitive as the next guy given competent judging.
     Yes, the person that has the resources (read time) to practice more
should score better.  But from my own personal experience with competition
even the best can have a bad day.  As far as European style flying/judging,
where are the criteria written?  The time has come to decide whether this FAI
style or IAC style is going to be the standard.  Or is one style purely
subjective?  If it is then, there is no way you can train for it, and you are
just wasting time and money.  I don't have a problem using foreign
competitors for advice as long as the information learned is distributed
among the people that contribute time, money, etc. to the sport.  We should
be educating tomorrows pilots and critiquers today.  You can win any war if
you know the oppositions strategy; but this goes both ways. 
     Market forces drive how capitol (read money) will be invested.  New
aircraft development comes with much trial and error.  It just doesn't come
out of the wind tunnel and work.  You are asking in your article for several
US aircraft builders to take on a project that requires hundreds of thousands
of dollars to develop.  With such a small group of pilots that could use the
technology it hardly justifies the effort, because they couldn't sell enough
aircraft to justify the expense.  
     Therefore your only hope is that some home-builder is willing to take
the risks investing personal capitol and time to build your perfect airplane.
 The next time you see something that is different, or is not the expected
aircraft type this is possibly your future.  


Concerned competitor


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