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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: US Team Members


Thread: US Team Members

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From: Doug Cronkhite <dougc at>

Date: Thu, 08 Feb 1996 21:11:38 UTC


  I thought I'd pass along an interesting (to me at least) happening this 
weekend. For those who don't know.. there is a model aerobatic 
organization out there that closely follows the IAC, called IMAC (I. 
Miniature A. C.) This weekend while at a contest in Phoenix, AZ I met 
Diane Hakala. I found her to be a very pleseant person and had a nice 
conversation with her about aerobatics in general. I have met other 
members of the team with similar results although one in particular (no 
names) seemed that their head had swollen quite a bit. I was glad to see 
that Diane had no such attitude and was in fact, rather impressed with 
the quality of the flying by the models (I was flying the 1995 unlimited 
known). Just thought I'd pass this along.. I guess I'd like to see more 
full-size IAC'ers check out our contests.. I've been told it's especially 
good training for judges due to the faster pace. 

This wasn't supposed to be this much of a sermon.. oh well..

Doug Cronkhite
IMAC 1577
IAC Chapter 36 (in the near future)


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