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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: FW: 4-Min. Clarification??

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: FW: 4-Min. Clarification??


Thread: FW: 4-Min. Clarification??

Message: FW: 4-Min. Clarification??

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From: Salvadori Luca <lsalvadori at>

Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 15:54:47 UTC



A message below, received from IAC mailing list, is posing me in doubt.
Is it still necessary to be in the first third (or so) of final standings 
after the 3 Aresti programs to be eligible for 4' Freestyle at WAC/EAC?
If the new rule is a CIVA one, I believe that Aerobatics will have an 
outstanding growth with respect to the public (i.e. sponsors, TV, and so 
If this is a IAC rule only, I suggest to take it into consideration at CIVA 
for the future, since 4' Freestyle is increasingly becoming a separate 
discipline and many pilots wish to fly it, while many others do not even if 
they have titles and qualifications to do it.
I remember, as example of the above, that Christine Genin, World Champion 
1994, explicitly refused to fly Freestyle (as many others did), and at 
EAC'95 most of the eligible denied, leaving only few contenders (very good 
ones, anyway...).
Furthermore, I believe You agree that one able to fly a good (and safe) 
Freestyle is also able to fly a good Aresti, while the contrary is not 
(always, I recognize) true: so, why penalize good freestylers with the 
threat to be excluded because of a box infringement or a zero?
Please let me know Your appreciated opinion about.

     Best regards
     Luca Salvadori
     Italian Aerobatic Team

From: TwoWing6
To: iac
Subject: 4-Min. Clarification??
Date: Monday 12 February 1996 6.06


Sorry to ask, but (I think) we have not as yet received
all the revised Red Book rules for 96/97, and have some
questions regarding the above changes for our upcoming

The MAGAZINE states, "The Contest Jury is now empowered
to determine WHO will be eligible to fly the Four Minute
Free Program in Unlimited.  The new rule will give the
jury flexibility in permitting Unlimited pilots who want
to fly this trophy event only to do so WITHOUT THE PREVIOUS

Later, we noticed a draft on the internet designed to change
5.6.6. to read "Pilots eligible to fly this special event
will be determined by the Contest Jury".

I would interpret the concept as stated in the magazine, and the
re-write of the rule, 5.6.6. to be completely different.  Under
actual application at a contest, we would also expect to find or read
some re-write of 5.2.1. requiring QUALIFICATION FLIGHTS of certain
special competitors as being waived.  In other words, the suggestion
is that the Contest Jury might/or may have authority to waive
certain qualification flights for some competitors because
that individual would like to fly a Four Minute program ONLY.

Howie, how are you reaching from the concept as stated in the
magazine, all the way to waiving certain competitors
qualifications flights?  Are we just missing some other rule
hiding in the new Red Book, or would this rule clarification
be forthcoming in 97?  Could this be a part of some upcoming
provisional rule or policy?  Does our insurance underwriter
care that the IAC might waive qualification flights?

In the absence of anything stating clearly that a qualification
flight could be waived or was waived.... how could the Contest
Jury reach all the way to;  (the statement in the magazine)
...."The new rule will give the jury flexibility in permitting
Unlimited pilots who want to fly this trophy event only
to do so WITHOUT the previous three flight programs."

Can you clear up our confusion?

          Kurt Otto Haukohl     Erlinda Ibe Haukohl
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