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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Mechanics & maintenence


Thread: Mechanics & maintenence

Message: Mechanics & maintenence

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From: Harold James Hitchcock <hjhitchc at>

Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 01:49:32 UTC


  	I may have started something here that was not intended.  I was 
not attempting in at all to bash A&P's or anyone else that works on our 
planes.  If anything I was hoping to open up a discussion about the woes 
of keeping our planes in top shape.  There are good stories and bad 
ones.  Hopefully, we/I could learn from them all.  The bottom line as I 
see it is we as pilots are responsible for the planes we fly.  This means 
making sure that they are in condition to fly.  When they break, wear 
out, whatever, what happened and why is important.  I have seen some 
postings here that said in effect, my mechanic found this and was a great 
help.  This is something useful to all of us.
	To finish up, one of the areas in Sport Aerobatics that I pay 
close attention to is the Tech Reports.  More than a few times I have 
read something in there and checked my Citabria or Eagle and seen the 
same problem.  An example being loose nails in the ribs on my Citabria.  
This forum would be an excellent place to quickly distribute similar 
information.  Hopefully this clears up any misunderstanding I may have 

Hal Hitchcock


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