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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Messages withe Subject: "Returned Mail: Undeli ...


Thread: Messages withe Subject: "Returned Mail: Undeli ...

Message: Messages withe Subject: "Returned Mail: Undeliverable"

Follow-Up To: ACRO Email list (for List Members only)

From: "Dr. Mark A. Driver" <mdriver at>

Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 16:43:22 UTC


  Below is a message sent to me by Lucky Macy, but I thought the explanation
needed to go out to all subscribers.  When a message cannot be delivered to
a subscriber, there are several options for the expander software:

1)  The expander can ignore "undeliverable" messages.

2)  The expander can route the "undeliverable" messages to the list
maintainer, i.e. yours truly.

3)  The expander will route the "undeliverable" messages to the originator
of the post.

Option #2 is the preferred route, but the only option that works for AOL
subscribers is option #3.  If another option is selected, AOL interprets all
posts as coming from "mdriver at" regardless of who actually
sent the message.

I tried for over a month, along with several AOL subscribers including Bill
Bancroft, to get AOL to even discuss this problem with me.  I never received
as much as a single response from AOL.

I do my best to delete addresses from the lists that continually have
problems, and I appreciate it when you all let me know about these
"undeliverable" messages.  I also apologize for not being able to implement
a better solution at this point.


P.S.  Thanks for the heads-up Lucky.  I hope I answered your question,
albeit with a dissertation :)

At 09:01 AM 2/16/96 EST, you wrote:
>Mark is there something wierd about your server I need to know?  It looks 
>like the error message is coming from your server to me.  Am I wrong?
> ----------
>From: Mailer-daemon
>Subject: Returned Mail: Undeliverable
>Date: Friday, February 16, 1996 8:33AM
>The mail you sent could not be delivered to:
>550 acrotoo at is not a known user


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