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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: engine instruments


Thread: engine instruments

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Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 18:00:38 UTC


  With regard to engine instrumentation, I have an EDM 700 installed in 
my Skylane. I have used it for about 250 hours on a factory reman O-470. 
It has provided excellent service. Fortunately, the only thing I have 
diagnosed with it was a fouled plug. The auto-lean feature is very nice 
and easy to use. It is interesting to note how rarely the peak EGT occurs 
on cylinder 3, which is where Cessna put the old single probe EGT I replaced.
It is also enlightening to see the temperature variations between cylinders 
when flying in cold weather (Syracuse, New York at Christmas). Also, the 
sound at idle that typifies the large Continentals seems to correlate with 
the fuel air distribution near idle. Cylinders 2,4,6 run cooler than 1,3,5 
while taxiing. Leaning and adding some rpm smoothes everything out. Also, 
it is interesting to listen to the engine smooth out after start up as the 
cylinder temps and EGT's come up. Being able to watch the EGT's rise 
uniformly during the mag checks during runup is also a plus. All-in-all I 
am very satisfied with the purchase. 

One other point. I left the factory installed CHT gauge connected which meant 
that I had to use a gasket under the plug on that cylinder rather than the 
probe used on the others. That cylinder always shows hotter than the others 
due to different responses from the two types of probes. This is covered in the 
installation instructions. 

Jeff Owens                              EAA 397041
Professor and Chairman                  IAC 22712
Physics Department                      AMA 32631
Florida State University                Skylane N9214G 


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