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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Time Out! (Was Re: The Chosen Elite)

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Time Out! (Was Re: The Chosen Elite)


Thread: Time Out! (Was Re: The Chosen Elite)

Message: Time Out! (Was Re: The Chosen Elite)

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From: "Dr. Mark A. Driver" <mdriver at>

Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 20:17:59 UTC


  At 09:46 AM 2/16/96 -0800, TwoWing6 at (Kurt-Otto Haukohl) wrote:
>Resent 2-16-96  - AOL reported down?

>        Basic, Sportsman, Intermediate, and Advanced pilots that like
>        the contest format need to WAKE UP!  When the STARS pull in on
>        Sunday, your flight will be cancelled in favor of the airshow.
>        You peons, and all the NON-Unlimiteds will be screwed.  We
>        don't want to see more any more of the exisiting membership
>        antagonized by the elite HALO class competitor, arriving at
>        contests around America on Sunday for their airshow. Please
>        tell the HALOs stay in the Hot Tub, at the Country Club, or on
>        their PR mission, so that they don't have to get dirty mingling
>        with the huddled sweating masses out at the contest.  God forbid
>        one of our HALOs might actually loose a contest by having to
>        fly a KNOWN against some local grunt-hick in his cheap equipment.
>        A defeat could be tacky for any STAR image, it might even make
>        them look human.


Time out for clarification here.  Is this characterization of the top-level
competition pilots really accurate?  There's always one in every bunch, but
I've found the top-level competitors I've had the pleasure to interact with
to be "just regular folk" .



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