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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: 4-minute free, Contest Results format


Thread: 4-minute free, Contest Results format

Message: Re: 4-minute free, Contest Results format

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Date: Sun, 18 Feb 1996 05:19:37 UTC


  To date the rules committee has granted anonymity to proposers of rule
changes.  (considering some which are rather ludicrous, it is perhaps, a
gentler way of doing business).  To list each rule change proposal and its
author would perhaps be another way to go.  Perhaps someone would like to
propose such a rule change.  It would probably reduce the frivolous and self
seeking rule change proposals which are ultimately discarded.   Not a great
many of the proposals meet the test of : 1) is it needed, 2) is it already
covered by a rule, 3) is this an isolated incident in which someone made a
bad decision in interpreting rules which could have solved the problem if
properly administered.  If it is the belief of the membership that rules
changes are generated by the Rules Committee, that is a mistake.  The Rules
Committee attempts to separate the wheat from the chaff and propose
appropriate wording to accomplish the goals of the proposer.  These are then
passed on to the Board.  Some pass some don't.  Then they go to the entire
membership for comment and then are voted yea or nay depending upon the
perceptions of the general membership.  The necessity for monumental rules
changes is less now than it was fitten years ago as the rules are now more
thoroughly tested.  There remain "loopholes", discrepancies, contradictions
and unclear wording.  The Rules Committee continually seeks advice in
improving the Rules.   Fortunately not every proposal is acceptable otherwise
the Red Book would be larger than the largest Dictionary.  A clear cut need
and a well presented rule addition or change zips right through the process.
 An unclear concept, poorly expressed has difficulty.  C'est la vie!


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