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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Aircraft Egress


Thread: Aircraft Egress

Message: Aircraft Egress

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From: Scott Perdue <1perdue at>

Date: Wed, 21 Feb 1996 22:44:17 UTC



I've been reading the latest threads that Rick Massege's accident have
started. I'd like to throw my 2 cents in for the IACs plans for a formal
accident investigation team... and reports... and dissemination of lessons
learned from these accidents to prevent future ones (there are a lot of
issues and problems that are only hinted at by these subjects... do for a
later post). I think we can all benifit... I think statistics are usefull if
explained and related to a learning point and worthless by themseleves.

I'd like to address egress from a stricken aircraft. But first a bit on
where I'm coming from... I fly fighters for the USAF, have been for about 12
years now (F-4s and F-15Es), I am also extremely interested in sport
aerobatics (you can't fly fighters the rest of your life). In my business we
work constantly at the safety and egress aspects of flying... in fact we
have recurrent training in both of these subjects every year. Human factors
and training have been found to play an extremely important part in survival
from a stricken aircraft... training is key.

My personel feeling is that your chances for success/survival are near zero,
if the first time you consider and try to implement an egress is the time
you have to do it for real. Dan P brought up an incredibly important
observation... getting out of the aircraft is complicated enough without
considering the 'recognition/action' problem. This says nothing about the
possiblity that Rick was a) disorented b) incapacitated or c) trying but unable.

Maybe what the IAC and its members need is a formal safety/egress program to
add to the training programs each chapter addresses. We need to learn from
our losses and work to prevent future ones.

I am very sad to hear of Rick's accident and I offer my condolences to
friends and family. 

Scott Perdue
email: 73252.747 at or
       1perdue at
phone: 919-734-3872


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