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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: What is differences between Pitts?

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: What is differences between Pitts?


Thread: What is differences between Pitts?

Message: What is differences between Pitts?

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From: "Mark Schrick, ST- San Jose, Calif. (408)451-8126" <SCHRICKM at>

Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 01:09:23 UTC


  Subject: What is differences between Pitts?       27-FEB-1996 19:22:10.43       
   From: MARK SCHRICK /FIELD                                                    
     To: HELP NEEDED!! IAC MEMBER                                               
Hello Fellow IAC Members,

I have a problem. I'm currently searching for a Pitts project or a flying
model. I have seen many models: S1-C, S1-S, S1-D, S1-T, ect...  Many people
have called saying they have a S1-C frame but place "S" style wings on the
aircraft. Does the 4 inches in length between a "C" model and a "S" model
make a difference in the way it flys? Or does it handle the same and only
fits taller pilots better? 

I'm 6' foot tall and 195lbs and fairly athletic. I'm trying to find a real
good airframe that is ready for cover. I have talked with Mike Jones in
Colorado and has been very helpful with information on his Pitts S1 short
frame with "S" style wings. I buy and sell engines and radios so these are
items I can find regularly. 

Is their any books on the Pitts that shows the differeces or what
modifications are in style to compete in todays IAC arena. I have built a
AVID Aerobat (tube and fabric) and I'm completing a Super IIs FT Glasair
with a 220 Hp Lycoming. If anyone has good information for me I could
really use the help. People that I have talked have been extremely nice and
informative for a new IAC member. I hope to purchase a project or and
flying example soon. I think that a S1-S or S1-T is the right aircraft but
this S1-C that Mike Jones has sounds very nice and is close to what I'm
currently looking at that is covered and was flying two months ago (Full
comptition in Advanced catagory) low time (320 hrs) all mod's for $13000
ready for engine and prop. This guy is selling for a One design. 

Thank you for you help if you can!!!!

Mark Schrick
1397 Boysea Drive
San Jose, Ca 95118
(408) 451-8126 


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