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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: safety iac34


Thread: safety iac34

Message: safety iac34

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From: "ROBERT B. JOHNSON" <102501.1146 at>

Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 00:27:21 UTC


Thanks Paul (Eidsuik)

This safety debate is long over due.  As many of you have read form my previous
postings, I am in full concurrence with those who feel the need for an active
safety board, to review and educate our club.  Please keep it coming.  Here are
a few more points:

1)  A nomex flight suit will not save you in a 25 G impact (i.e. 150kts 45
degrees nose low impact).  But then why do we wear them in the F-16 where
impacts are typically 4 times as high?  Because, 3 percent of the accidents are
survivable if a nomex suit is worn.  If in this group, I hope I'm wearing a one.
As far as heat stress is concerned, I've been at Nellas AFB in Nevada in August
, sat in the cockpit of a A-7 for 50 minutes prior to takeoff, and yes it was
hot, but I wouldn't consider not wearing one.

2) The same goes for a helmet.  There is no use successfully jumping  out of
your disabled aircraft only to screw up your parachute landing fall and then
suffer a cerebella hematoma.

3)  I have designed an extraction seat for my One design, and plan to use it. It
should be the first one in the light aerobatic community.  It's light, simple,
and a little over twice the cost of a parachute.  Would I market it?  Probably
not, for these reasons: patent search, liability, and I would never recoup my
market and design costs with such a small market to sell to.  Would it be worth
$3000?  I think Rick would think so.

4) Safety equipment does not to be mandatory.  If one is educated to the facts
and hazards of our sport, who would not use the it.  

Education, training, and discipline is the key this sports safety!

R. Bruce Johnson
Safety Officer 178FW
Safety Director IAC 34  
102501,1146 at


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