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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Chapter Membership


Thread: Chapter Membership

Message: Chapter Membership

Follow-Up To: ACRO Email list (for List Members only)

From: Rick Manzie <acrohead at>

Date: Thu, 07 Mar 1996 03:50:56 UTC


Due the overwhelming number of requests I have received from folks wanting to join Chapter 777 and/or receive a chapter patch, I have copied our membership application from our newsletter and included it below.

If you wish to join please complete the application and S-MAIL it to the address shown.  You will receive a beautiful Chapter 777 patch and will begin receiving the newsletter.

We are a small chapter, about 40 members, and would love to have you register as a Chapter 777 competitor at contests around the country (world?, my gosh!).  There are four of us that are ACTIVE competitors and we are breaking our butts to get others here in southern Nevada involved in contests (we're working hard on 2-3 new competitors).

Hope to see lots of 777's at the judges school and contest at Borrego Springs in April.  We will all be flying the Super-D (N37LV) as we just haven't had the time to get checked out in the S-2 and practice our sequences.

"Work Hard, Fly Safe, Kick Ass"

International Aerobatic Club
Division of Experimental Aircraft Association
I.A.C. Chapter 777

Chapter 777 Membership Application
(Please Print or Type)

EAA Number _____________________________

IAC Number _____________________________

Name ___________________________________




State______________ ZIP Code____________

Phone: Home____________Work_____________

Type Aircraft __________________________

$20.00 Yearly Membership Dues Enclosed



Please send Dues and above information to:
Dave Edwards
2209 Barchetta Drive
Las Vegas, NV  89143
Make check payable to I.A.C Chapter 777

Yeah, I was offered an airline job.  It was in the fall of
'67, in an off-limits bar in Lawton, OK.  This guy says 
"Y'll get lot'sa multi time".  He was with AirAmerica.
Rick Manzie, Las Vegas, NV,  IAC-777, 1Design Builder
|--------/-  -  - Pitts S2A N31474 -  -  -  -/-----------O


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