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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Fwd: Ramblings?


Thread: Fwd: Ramblings?

Message: Fwd: Ramblings?

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From: BNLOW at

Date: Tue, 12 Mar 1996 20:34:44 UTC


Forwarded message:
Subj:    Ramblings?
Date:    96-03-12 08:47:39 EST
From:    AirTraktor
To:      BNLOW

Do I know you BNLOW?  I just got AOL and could not figure
out your name from the IAC list.   Anyway I can't understand
what you mean about those bylaw changes, but I can agree
with your Fond du Lac comment.

Years back, Canadian pilots felt more welcome to attend the
Fond du Lac contest, now so few fly any acro in Canada and
only about 3 fly unlimited.  Fond du Lac is NOTORIOUSLY
expensive for pilots and the IAC, so we just assumed it was
some kind of boondoggle.  Fondy motel operators know your
coming and jack rates way out of sight especially considering
the junk they offer.  BTW the guys from Chicago told me it costs
like $30,000 not just $7,000 for trophies.  Anyway, we don't 
know what goes, but I never got any linkage between the EAA
things and the IAC contest in the first place.  This deal really
is only to screw the competitors.  Maybe they should move the
event around to like Florida, California, and Mexico.  Chapter 1
could fly Fondy all they want anyway.

Sounds like you guys are just flat screwed in the south and west
by stuff like this.  It is hard NOT to notice a Great Lakes bias to
this organization.  So how bout just boycote this one, and skip the
merchandise?  This year, I plan to fly farther south anyway, mainly
cause this winter was HELL, but also because Fondy is in the 
wrong state weather wise.

See you - Louis L.


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