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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Cool -Reply Too Cool for School...


Thread: Cool -Reply Too Cool for School...

Message: Re: Cool -Reply Too Cool for School...

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From: Recursive at

Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 03:57:58 UTC



> If done incorrectly, you IMMEDIATELY black-out without recovering for
> up to 20 seconds.  I have very little experience flying while
> unconscious - don't think I'm interested in learning.

It's a remarkable experience to wake up in an airplane that is headed down
hill at a 45 degree angle, upside down, and wonder how you got there.  First
your vistion returns and you can see - but not hear - the situation.  Then
the sound creaps in, but your body won't respond to the mind's commands.
 Finally, some sense of control returns and you can get your hands on the
stick and go about gettting right side up and pulling out.

If you put yourself to sleep in an aerobatic airplane at low enough altitude,
you'll never wake up, or know what happened to you.

Heavy negative G figures , say a hard push to vertical, a hammer, a hard push
out, a push around the outside of a lay down eight, followed by a healthy
dose of positive G, say the inside half of a lay down eight, will put you to
sleep every time.

Good sequence design will take this into account, and never chain up several
hard pushes followed by a hard pull.

Larry Lowe


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