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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Pitts Macho Stinker Update!

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Pitts Macho Stinker Update!


Thread: Pitts Macho Stinker Update!

Message: Pitts Macho Stinker Update!

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From: dalelama at (Dale Evans)

Date: Sat, 06 Apr 1996 00:13:32 UTC


  I took some time off work, and headed down to Homestead yesterday. I timed
it just right, and met up with Curtis Pitts and the boys from Aero Design,
at Potlikker's resturant. After a great lunch, four car/truck loads of
various folks drove out to Mr. Pitts hanger/strip.

Some minor adjustments, fuel, check the oil....and we pushed the big bird
out onto the grass. It was Don Lovern's turn to fly the plane, and he needed
no encouragement!
The plane started up firt turn, and sounded really cool. With that big Ruski
radial, the Macho Stinker looks like a Grumman Bearcat (F-8-F) with an extra
wing! Sounds like one too!

Don took her up with ease, and pleased the crowd with a couple of
fly-bys...all legal, of course! The pack then jumped back in the vehicles
for the 5 min. drive to Homestead General Airport. We all met up at Henry
Haigh's and Barr Asplundh's hangars, and critiqued Don's landings, which
were perfect.......almost. When you cut the power, the big paddle blade prop
acts like a speed brake, you get goin'!

Next it was Pat Ledford's turn, and he took it up for some more airwork. The
numbers are a secret now, Curtis wants to run thru all the flight tests
before going public with the performance stats. But I can tell
hauls ass!

More news as it becomes available!

Sebring Contest.....practice starts TOMARROW.....BE THERE!    ;)

Dale Evans                      dalelama at 
IAC # 23 & #37                                 
Contest Director-33rd Sebring Aerobatic Chmps. / April 11-12-13, 1996



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