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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: AWAC 97


Thread: AWAC 97

Message: AWAC 97

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From: IACVP at

Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 14:58:25 UTC


  For those Advanced pilots out there that are interested in AWAC 97, here are
some of the details discussed at the March IAC Board meeting that I wanted to
pass on to you as soon as I got a chance.

The proposal to adopt the CIVA rules for the Advanced catagory in 97 was
approved by the Board.  The big change being in the Free program, which will
be 15 figures and 300 K.  The exact wording will be forthcoming in the
proposed Rule Changes for 97 in one of the very next issues of SA.  You may
send written comments to me on these and the other proposed changes before
the November meeting.  Several motions were also passed to deal with Advanced
Team selection for the 97 team and these are as follows.

1)  For the purpose of team selection for AWAC 97, the 96 US Nationals will
be used with the top 10 pilots, male or female, comprising the team.

2)  The Advanced US Champion will be selected on the basis of the first 3
flights, with a fourth flight, an additional unknown, to be added as time
permits for the purpose of team selection.

3)  The CD for the Nationals will be authorized to cut the field for the
fourth flight if so desired.

4)  Pilots flying for team selection must use aircraft that are allowable for
the AWAC competition as set forth by CIVA.  The following are on the list for
INCLUDED aircraft:  Zlin 50LA, 50LS, 50LX, Yak 55, Pitts S-1( all models ),
Pitts S-2a, S-2B, S-2S, Ultimate 300.

The following are on the list of EXCLUDED aircraft:  Sukhoi 26,29,31, and
derivatives, Cap 230,231,231EX,232, and derivitives, Extra 260,300,300S,300L,
and derivatives, Yak 54, and all designs of 260 hp or more unless approved by

If you have an aircraft you would like to be considered for the competition,
please contact CIVA through Mike Heuer.

Best Regards
Howie Stock
Rules Chairman


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