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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Italian Aerobatic Team Newsletter


Thread: Italian Aerobatic Team Newsletter

Message: Italian Aerobatic Team Newsletter

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From: Salvadori Luca <lsalvadori at>

Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 14:02:06 UTC


Italian Aerobatic Team met on Apr 21 in Milan for the first organizing 
meeting to prepare to World Aerobatic Championship of Oklahoma City.
The Team, although not officially appointed because of the nasty delays on 
Italian National Aero Club Board, has anyway started its training and 
organization tasks in order to be ready in time for the long trip.
Team Manager, Luca Salvadori, presented the actions performed and the 
information obtained so far: the biggest problem to solve, even neglecting 
at first the budgetary constraints imposed by NAC, is the transfer of the 
aircraft to the other side of the world.
This is both an economical problem, because shipping is costly and requires 
additional work to dismount and palletize the planes, and an organization 
one: being the shipping by air absolutely unaffordable, the transfer by ship 
has a long lead time, thus deprivating the pilots of their aircraft one 
month before the competition.
Several European teams, thought to have similar issues, have been asked to 
join forces in order to abate unit costs, and some did accept the idea to 
collaborate, with results to come soon.
Another issue is the type of aircraft: Team's pilots fly on four different 
machines, thus allowing no standardization of types and training. Moreover, 
being the machines owned by the pilots themselves, each one is obviously 
reluctant to handle it to another guy.
Positive results, instead, on the training side: Italian Team applies since 
years (even if someone could prefer to do differently) the individual 
training method, used for the first time this year by U.S. Aerobatic Team. 
This is a drawback of the little organization Italy can afford for the Team, 
but this way any pilot is allowed to train with maximum flexibility: a quite 
important thing, when considering that all pilots are not professionals and 
have their own work to do.
The first refinement check showed that, even if weather has been bad for 
most of the winter limiting flight sorties, preparation level is fairly 
good: aircraft are competitive and well fitted, free programs are 
coordinated among Team members.
Ruggero ROSSINI (1995 Italian Unlimited Champion) and Fabio VIVIANI are 
leaving with their CAP-231EX for Troyes (F), where they will fly some weeks 
with Xavier De L'Apparent as trainer.
Gianfranco Cillario is flying in his Cuneo-levaldigi home base with the 
Team's Judge, Aldo MARENGO, on his standard CAP-231: with the same type of 
aircraft is training Andrea FOSSI, who has been recently in France for 
training with the French Team.
The most experienced pilot of the Team, Sergio DALLAN, is now flying on 
Sukhoi SU-31 without major problems after years on his custom-built CAP-21DS 
"Silver Chicken", even because his long-standing experience on right-handed 
Sergio is meanwhile pending a final decision on the aircraft to fly at WAC, 
because he's actually flying a SU-31 example hired from European Sukhoi 
distributor, Richard Goode, while his own SU-31 is sitting in hangar, 
grounded waiting for the conclusions of the inquiry on the sad Ricky 
Massegee's accident on a SU-31 of the same series.
Now, it's matter of Italian NAC to finalize the efforts of all those 
peoples, deciding final budget for the trip and officially appointing all 
Team members.
Hope it'll be soon...
Find other details on Italian Aerobatic Team Home Page 

Luca Salvadori
(Unofficial) Team Manager
Italian Aerobatic Team


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