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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Money in Mouth!<G>


Thread: Money in Mouth!&lt;G&gt;

Message: Money in Mouth!<G>

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From: Damon Wack <71034.2200 at CompuServe.COM>

Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1996 15:57:46 UTC


  Well, after I read Guenther's post, I thought I better put my money where my
mouth is!<G>  Y'all give this a try and see how it works.  

Form B would look like this:

1. Center box, into wind - Dive to redline, pull to vertical with half roll up,
layout inverted
	1.1.7. + = 17k

2. Right box - Inverted one turn spin
	4.8.4. = 17k

3. Left box - Pull up, push over, pull out humpty with 2 of 4 up
	8.3.1.  + = 24k

4. Center box - pull to 45, one and a half rolls to inverted, layout
	1.3.1. + = 19k

5. right box - pull down to vertical, quarter roll, out positve on "y" axis
	1.7.4. +  = 11k

6. right box - pull up, pull over humpty with 3/4 roll down, out positive on "x"
	8.1.1. + = 19k

7. left box - pull half loop up with 2 point roll on bottom and 1 1/2 roll on
	7.2.1. + +  = 25 k

8. right box - pull half loop down with 1/4 roll right, 3/4 roll left on top,
and 3/2 of 2 point roll on bottom
	7.3.3. + + + = 26k

9. left box - push up, push over humpty, no rolls, out positive
	8.2.2. = 17k

10. center box - lay down 8 with 1/2 roll on first 45 down, out negative
	7.19.2. + = 23k

11. right box - push up hammer, 2 of 8 down, out positive on "y" axis
	5.1.4. + = 25k

12  right box - pull up hammer, 1/4 roll up, out positive on "x" axis
	5.1.1. + = 23k

13. left box - pull half loop up, double roll on bottom and full inside snap on
top, out negative
	7.1.1. + + = 29k

14. center box - inverted full roll
	1.1.2. + = 11k

15. right box - two turn 180 degree roller from inverted to inverted
	2.6.2. = 14k

Total k = 300 (I think!)<G> 

The big losers are the spin, #5, and #6. Everything else should be nuetral or
gainers - #1 and # 2 should cancel, as should #'s 7 and 8, #9 could be a
potential gainer, as could 11 and 12.  Try starting at 2500', this allows you to
lose 1500' and stay at 1000' minimum.

It's not a perfect sequence, I basically modified my Advanced Free from last
year.  It took me about ten minutes, so I may have made some addition errors
and/or catalogue # errors.  It's not hard in pushing at all, no pushing out from
a 90 degree down, that was one of my design criterea.  I also tried to keep the
"k" values as even as possible between the manuevers.

If the 1 1/2 roll on # 4 doesn't work, put in a 2/4 and raise the "k" somewhere
else - there's nothing that says you can't use *two* snaps in the sequence, for
example.  A well executed snap can impress the heck out of the judges, so all
that takes is practice.  

I'm sure there are many other things to find fault with here, but on the other
hand, if it works and you like it, feel free to use it!  Besides, if I'm judging
at a contest you're at, I may be even more favorably impressed!<BG>

Have Fun!

Damon Wack  


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