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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Category/Class


Thread: Category/Class

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From: Rick Manzie <acrohead at>

Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 04:22:30 UTC


Having made the original post this AM and having to rush, hit the shower and zoom off to work; I missed one aspect of the Class/Subclass concept.  Let me continue.

First, let's change the terminology.   Let's use Category/Class.  Category is Basic, Sportsman..., Class is E, D, ...  It falls off the tongue a bit more easily.

The idea of Cat/Class came to me (I'm sure it's not original) from our discussions here (Dennis Y., Rob J., et al) and my past experience in Skeet Competition.  In Skeet the major categories are by equipment (12ga, 20ga, 28ga, 410 bore).  You can see the analogy for us (Suk,S2B,S2A,SDecath,Citab).  Within the categories are the classes E,D,C,B,A,AA and the really great (98%) shooters in AAA.  What I've just done is flip this around with the equipment as class within category.

In addition, skeet competition has what is referred to as concurrent categories (another way to loose your money<L>).  One these concurrent categories is HOA (High Overall).  HOA is without respect to the class.  So, using Sportsman again as an example, what we have is Sportsman-E, Sportsman-D, -C, -B, -A and Sportsman-HOA.  

Now, our friend, having busted butt and poured the Luxembourg national budget through the petrole spout has the opportunity to fly his/her gorgeous little Clip-Wing to a fine demonstration of piloting skills and wax the Sukoi/Extra/Pitts folks for Sportsman-High Overall.   Perhaps it's time for our hero to MOVE UP!  But when our friend mores up, it will be to Intermediate-E, and will be competing with more complex skill levels, but the same class.  And yes, he or she has a shot at Intermediate-HOA flying the little Clip-Wing.

I had originally wanted to just throw this concept out for discussion; no real intent to stand and defend it (having so few events under my belt), but the more I think about it the better the idea sounds.

1.  There will be more opportunities for competitors to be recognized.  I think this is a huge plus for attracting new competitors.  We have more winners!

2.  There will be no changes in judging.  We still fly all the Basic, Sportsman, Intermediate, etc. 
flights together as we do now.  No changes at all.

3.  We still use the same scoring software, but yes, we will have to arrange them for proper posting within Class.

4.  We have a mechanism (whether it's Class determination by equipment type, Class by K-handicap
or some other method) to level the playing field.  We can have Sukoi's in Basic and Sportsman.  We can have a place for the under-powered in the higher Categories.  We will have a place for the best flying in the Category by awarding the HOA.

I will try to address some of the responses, but it's late.  The Pitts awaits dawn patrol (more touch & goes I'm sure).

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