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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Category/Class


Thread: Category/Class

Message: RE: Category/Class

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From: Rick Manzie <acrohead at>

Date: Sun, 28 Apr 1996 01:30:24 UTC


On Fri, 26 April 96 22:12 PM, DSowder at wrote:

Thanks for taking to time to comment.

>Many contests have trouble just fielding three competitors to make up a

Yes, I know.  But I don't think that's all that big a problem.  Let's say we have 3 Citabrias in Basic, 2 Super Decathlons and an S2B in Sportsman.  Here's what we have in awards;

Basic-HOA (the highest score among all the Citab's)
Basic-E Class (the number 2 Citab)
Sportsman-HOA (the highest score among all, could be one of the SuperD's)
Sportsman-B (the single S2B)
Sportsman-E (the top SuperD)

>Breaking the classes into sub-classes based on aircraft type would
>sure complicate the issue (not to mention judging and score keeping).

No Doug, no additional complications.  We fly ALL the Basic, Sportsman, etc. just as we do today.  No changes in judging.  There's no changes to scoring or scoring software.  After the rankings are printed out, we have to "post" them by class within each cat.  I don't think that really adds a major additional task.  I think we can handle it.

>I think Jimmy Carter was right. "Life is unfair." My Pitts (worth less than $30K) is
>fully capable of any conceivable Intermediate sequence, and Advanced as well.
>I feel that if I fly well, I'll win. But, I will admit that the Extras and
>Sukhois, et. al., certainly look good in the box, and they may carry an aura
>of accomplishment with them. I have the distinct feeling that I'll know more
>about this in about 3 weeks. I believe that the differences in aircraft are
>just things that we'll have to live with. If we want to move up to higher
>categories of competition, more expensive hardware is just part of the price
>that must be paid. But note that my Pitts is worth about 1/3 of a new Super
>Decathlon. So it's not necessarily all a question of money. In fact, a
>pristine 100 HP clip-wing Cub would cost about the same as my Pitts, and is
>no competition in performance. So where does that leave us?

(I'm sure someone said that before Carter came along).  Yes, life is unfair, no argument there.  But, as you say, there are some inequities with respect to aircraft performance.  We can correct them with a simple system that is not a drastic change from what we now have.  We still have a top performer within Category (HOA) just as we do today.  But we also provide pilot skill recognition within the Category that recognizes that aircraft performance has an impact on scores (Class).  Now, instead of the S2B guy going home and saying "I came that close to beating a Sukoi for Intermediate", he can say "I came that close to beating a Sukoi for HOA Intermediate, but I waxed 'em all in "B" class".


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