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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Moving up, etc.

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Moving up, etc.


Thread: Moving up, etc.

Message: Moving up, etc.

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From: "Dennis N. Yugo" <dyugo at>

Date: Sun, 28 Apr 1996 03:25:14 UTC


  I did not post the article on my web page to this mailing list; it is too long and anyone who is 
interested can find it. But I want to correct a misconception.

Damon Wack wrote:

> And what
> do you mean by "proper ranking"?  I'm confused, are you ranking all the pilots
> at a contest with each other, regardless of what category they are in?  Are you
> saying all the Intermediate pilots are somehow better than all Sportsman pilots
> because they are in a different class?  It seems to me that the guy who wins
> Sportsman beat all the other Sportsman pilots, period.  How can you compare him
> to an Intermediate pilot just because they are flying the same aircraft?

I am surprised that anyone who has read my web page could interpret it as saying that 
all Intermediate pilots are somehow better than all Sportsman pilots. The article suggests 
instead that, given equivalent aircraft and proper judging, a pilot who scores 80% in 
Intermediate has shown more flying skill than someone scoring 80% in Sportsman, and that that
accomplishment should be recognized. The proposed scoring method does gives an advantage to 
higher categories, since more points can be earned per figure, but the pilot must capitalize on
it by flying well.

Numerous trophies are already presented around the country based on ranking pilots together
regardless of category. The One-Design rules themselves do that. They are usually based on best 
possible percentage. I have presented a different method which favors those pilots who can get
the most from their aircraft by flying in higher categories.

Thank you for your attention.

Dennis Yugo


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