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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Rule changes, judging,subcategories.

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Rule changes, judging,subcategories.


Thread: Rule changes, judging,subcategories.

Message: Rule changes, judging,subcategories.

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From: "Ronald Saglimbene" <6Sags at>

Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 02:48:43 UTC


  I dont think the rule change to add 50k to the advanced free 
will prevent any aircraft presently flying in that category 
from continuing to do so.> If it did, I would be opposed to it.>
    As I see it, the more a competitor can fly, the more he or she can 
influence the results.> Remember, this is a freestyle.> The free I design 
for my Pitts will be different than the one someone designs for an SU29  
or an Extra.> Who's to say that the figures I picked for myself  won't 
receive higher scores than the Extra driver picked for himself?>  Adding 
difficulty to a sequence equally increases everyone's ability to excell- or
screw up! If the judging is fair, this tends to level the playing field.> It
gives pilots more control of the outcome.>                                     
    It all boils down to the judging. > An S1C flying a perfect 45* upline 
different than an S1S, let alone a T-Cart or a Stearman.> By the same 
token, how many of the monoplanes don't get zeroed for their snaps even though
they don't "look" right?> If a judge is enamored with long verticals, or if he 
pick up a barrel in a lightning fast roll, then it's his or her incompetence
that favors one aircraft over others and helps make a contest meaningless.>    

   As far as forcing a pilot to "move up" because he or she has a lot of wins 
a powerful aircraft, it's not a good idea.> Everyone should feel comfortable 
with their level of competence.> Splitting a category into many subcategogies 
work if we had a lot more competitors, but realistically isn't feasable.> Why 
just have a Novice and a Master class in each category?> Sound familiar?>
A Master is someone who places first in ?#  contests>. A novice is everyone 
If there is one award to give out, give it to the Novice.> If your Chapter has 
pockets, make up two awards.> 
    Life is too short to worry about all this stuff anyway!> Let's all go out, 
fly and 


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