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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: RANS S-9 Chaos for Aero?

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: RANS S-9 Chaos for Aero?


Thread: RANS S-9 Chaos for Aero?

Message: RANS S-9 Chaos for Aero?

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From: "John H. Osborn x230" <osborn at>

Date: Thu, 09 May 1996 21:13:06 UTC


Hi.  I'm new, so pardon me if this question has been answered somewhere
else or just recently.  (I've looked for mailing list archives
without much success.  Pointers are welcome. :)

I'm considering the purchase of a RANS S-9 Chaos.  This is a small,
single seat, tube and fabric, Rotax 582 powered homebuilt designed
for aerobatics.  The intent is to have an inexpensive (both to
buy/build and operate) aircraft for both fun and competition in
the lower level competitive categories.  I can't afford an Extra. :(

Anyway, I'm fishing around for opinions about the aircraft itself,
the company, or the suitability of it for at least sportsman-level

Thanks for reading,
-osborn at


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