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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: S-2B Longerons - More Info


Thread: S-2B Longerons - More Info

Message: S-2B Longerons - More Info

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Date: Fri, 10 May 1996 18:16:37 UTC


  This morning I talked to Roger Caldwell at the Denver FSDO - he's the project
engineer working on the longeron problem at the FAA.  To paraphrase our
conversation, he told me that the reason for the emergency AD requiring 25
hour inspections was to quickly get data from the field,  so that the
severity of the problem can be determined.  He said that the FAA is working
with Aviat to stress test the longerons in flight.  IF the flight tests show
that the design of the S-2B longerons "is sufficient for flight within the
approved flight envelope"  the FAA would "quite possibly" remove the AD
altogether.  This process would take a minimum of 4 months.

At Least There's Hope!

John Blum
New Attitude Aerobatics
Boulder, CO
Pitts S-2B N5337V


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