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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: more questions


Thread: more questions

Message: more questions

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From: Bill Walker <bwalker at>

Date: Sat, 11 May 1996 02:09:32 UTC


  Thanks to everyone who replied to my sequence questions; Dick, Geryl, William, Howie, Jon, Kathron, Harold, Peter, Doug, Tom, Rick, Bert, Paul, and eveyone else!  I'm kind of looking forward to this contest thing, I sure hope its good weather and I don't embarrass myself.

Since I got such a good response last time I'm going to go for some more questions - but about a different matter.

I'm lucky enough to be in a partnership on a Skybolt while I'm building a Pitts.  Concerning the Pitts, Demars Aero is rebuilding an IMO 360 B1B for it and I am having to decide on an injector, alternator, and starter.  Demars is suggesting a Sky Tec starter which I agree with because I don't know any better, and a Bendix fuel injector because they are standard on Lyc. Engines.  Another friend of mine, Ray Williams recommended a ellison throttle body and Hale Wallace, whom I met via the Skybolt was really up on an Airflow Performance, Inc. injector.  I've heard the Bendix are a "bear" to hot start. I would really welcome any suggestions from experience on this.  Also, I understand their is a choice on the light weight B & C alternators as to front or accy. case mounting and 8, 12 or 20 amp. Again, help! 

I would be glad to swap methods and recommendations with any other Pitts builders,  just send me your E-mail address so we won't clutter up the low-wing's mail boxes. 

Bill Walker 
bwalker at


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