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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Advanced Spin Awarness Training

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Advanced Spin Awarness Training


Thread: Advanced Spin Awarness Training

Message: Advanced Spin Awarness Training

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From: Jfg48 at

Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 12:32:51 UTC


  Monday morning dawns bright and sunny. Too bad Saturday wasnt the same when
Chapter 52 conducted a Spin Awareness day in terrible weather. We were able
to complete only six flights out of 13 scheduled flights. 

This was not competition spin was spin safety and
understanding training. Instructor Bill Finagin briefed each pilot for 20
minutes and then flew a series of four spins, each from an altitude of 7000
AGL to about 3000 AGL. During the descent we scanned the gauges for airspeed,
G loads and ball position. Nearing 3000 feet we were instructed to recover.
(If you try this alone please set your recovery altitude to 4000 feet). 

Spins were to the right, to the left , flattened and accelerated. With the
long descent time we were able to scan the gauges as we entered and recovered
from each phase. We also experienced a disorientation after recovery and a
technique to insure the maintainence of wings level for the few seconds it
takes to get reoriented.

I cannot tell you how much we learnt. One experienced IACer was so impressed
with his new found knowledge that he vowed to do this every year with
supervision from someone like Bill.

During the briefing we all stumbled on three questions. During a spin where
is the ball? What is the G loading on the airplane? What is the airspeed? I
though I know at least some of that information. Now I really know.

Watch the Internet for the next Chapter 52 newsletter in about one month for
more details on this very important experience. And, think about contacting
Bill or another highly experienced trainer to obtain a lesson in aerodynamics
that all aerobatic pilots should have.

Safe flying,

Jerry Gerdes
President Chapter 52
Newburgh, New York


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