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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: 1996 Howell, MI Judges School

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: 1996 Howell, MI Judges School


Thread: 1996 Howell, MI Judges School

Message: 1996 Howell, MI Judges School

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From: Anna Maria Wood <amwood at>

Date: Sun, 19 May 1996 15:18:27 UTC


  To All,

IAC Chapter 88 - Southeastern Michigan would like to thank all the folks
that helped
make our 1996 Judges School a big success. I am sure all those that
participated will say that it was an educational weekend with an excellent
instructor, Liza Weaver. We all enjoyed the good company and hangar flying

You can find pictures and highlights of the weekend at our web site: 

Thanks all for adding your input to a super fun weekend!

1996 Judges School
April 27-28, 1996
McKenzie's Landing, Howell, MI

Hosts: Dave & Nancy McKenzie
Instructors: Liza & Fred Weaver

Participants: Brown, Pamela Kay       Daniels, Joanne (99)
              Gaines, Robert G.       Gowans, Mary J. (99) 
              Hoy, Mike               Jacobson, Virginia
              Juntunen, Guy           Juntunen, Hans
              Kozar, Joe              MacDonald, Don
              MacDonald, Dick         McKenzie, Dave
              Moore, Jim              Negaard, James
              Ritzenthaler, Hugo      Smart, Pat & Addison (99)
              Stetson, Jeff           Toland, Barb & Ed
              Unger, Dan              Wood, Anna
              Millar, Bernice (99)    Rulason, Len

Friday Night Set-up Crew: Anna Wood                   Tom Siegler
                          Jim Moore                   Joe Kozar
                          Brian & Virginia Jacobson   Guy & Hans Juntunen

Saturday Williamston Trip: Nancy McKenzie          Kathy Ritzenthaler
                           Mary Kay MacDonald      Fred Weaver

Saturday Dinner: Dave & Nancy McKenzie             Ed & Barb Toland
                 Brian & Virginia Jacobson         Liza & Fred Weaver
                 Pam Brown                         Bob & Michelle Gaines
                 Kathy & Hugo Ritzenthaler         Mary J Gowans
                 Don & Mary Kay McDonald           James Negaard
                 Anna Wood                         Lee & Dawn Herndon
                 Dick MacDonald                    Len Rulason
                 Dan Unger                         Mike Hoy
                 Jim Moore                         Joe Kozar
                 Paul West & Sharon Tyra
Anna Maria Wood
Treasurer and Internet Communications
IAC Chapter 88 - Southeastern Michigan


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