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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Stampe Club Aerobatic Competition


Thread: Stampe Club Aerobatic Competition

Message: Stampe Club Aerobatic Competition

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From: "Roberts, Gareth GB" <RobertsG at>

Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 12:13:11 UTC



UK Stampe Club Aerobatic Competition 16th June 1996

             Amidst glorious summer sunshine, the calm of Old Warden
Airfield in rural Bedfordshire, was stirred as it become Mecca to
Stampe Pilots, owners and enthusiasts from all over the UK
(incl. one from Ireland). The still-life suroundings becaming
almost surreal as the air hummed to the sounds of Renault,
Gypsy and an ocassional whisper of slipstream in rigging.
This was the venue for the 1996 Cathy O'Brien Cup, Aerobtic
competition, organised by the UK Stampe club.
     Seven pilots entered, and the competition was administered
by Ben Ellis, of the British Aerobatic Association. The Sequence
used was the BAeA Standard Known for 1996.

The results were:

  1. Nick Bloom       G-ATIR    with  82.2%
  2. Tim Hall         G-ASHS    with  81.45%
  3. Martin Holloway  G-BAKN    with  73.09%
  4. Chis Jesson      G-AWSF    with  60.38%
  5. Steve Gibbins    G-ASHS    with  59.19%
  6. Robin Bower      G-ASHS    with  55.44%
  7. Trevor Beadle    G-AYIJ    with  54.42%
    (Trevor Beadle won the Spot Landing competition)

 Chief Judge was Ben Ellis, other BAeA judges were
 Julie Wood, Tricia Neville and Gareth Roberts .


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