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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Fwd: newbie needs help!


Thread: Fwd: newbie needs help!

Message: Fwd: newbie needs help!

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From: AHaas32389 at

Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 13:55:21 UTC


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Subj:    Fwd: newbie needs help!
Date:    96-06-17 15:26:10 EDT
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Subj:    newbie needs help!
Date:    96-06-16 21:16:24 EDT
From:    AHaas32389
To:      iac at

I' desperately seeking an obscure piece of aviation history -- 3 Buckers flew
aerobatics in the 1936 Olympics.  I'm trying to locate the actual routine
they flew.

If no one can help me with their actual routine, I would be pleased to
receive as close a rendition as possible of the type of sequence they would
have performed, or at least a current competitors IAC sportsman/advanced
freestyle routine flown with a bucker.

I need this info as quickly as possible, as I am flying a demonstration at a
model airshow in front of about 10,000 spectators in August, and wish to give
the most scale presentation possible.

Thanks so much, everyone!

AnnMarie Haas


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