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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Waiver--HELP!!

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Waiver--HELP!!


Thread: Waiver--HELP!!

Message: Waiver--HELP!!

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From: <kleing at> (Klein Gilhousen)

Date: Mon, 08 Jul 1996 19:00:27 UTC


  I just received a certified letter from the FAA FSDO office in Helena, MT
cancelling the aerobatic practice waiver they issued to me on April 15,
1996.  I'll just quote the letter so you can arrive at your own

"This letter is in referenced to the Certificate of Waiver issued to you on
April 15, 1996.

After further review of that waiver, there are several safety issues of
concern.  Most involve the conduct of aerobatic activity over a
uncontrolled public airport.  Since the Three Forks airport is uncontrolled
and at times relatively active, we feel that the possibility of a mid air
collision is increased if we allow the operation to continue.  Also to
conduct aerobatic flight below 1500 feet you need to be the holder of a
statement of acrobatic competency.  We do not show you as the holder of
such.  Therefore pursuant to safety in air commerce this letter is to
inform you that the Certificate of Waiver issued for aerobatic flight
practice area is hereby canceled, and should be surrendered to this office.

If you can find a more suitable area away from any public airport, we will
consider issuing a new waiver at that time.  If you have any questions
please call me."

There seem to be two issues:
1) the fact that the box is over an uncontrolled public airport and
2) I do not have a certificate of acrobatic competency.

I do not believe that they are correct in saying that a cert of acro
competency is required for an aerobatic practice box.  I don't see that
this kind of waiver is any different from a contest waiver and certificate
of competency is not required for contests.  (Is anyone on this list
willing and able to issue me one?  I'll be at the Willows, CA contest next

The Three Forks airport would not fit any reasonable pilot's definition of
a busy airport except for one weekend a year when they have a fly-in.  Even
then, the activity is all on the ground.  Actually, the FAR's being
waivered have nothing to do with the presence of the airport.  It's the
nearby airways that require the waiver.  Three Forks is 4 mi from the
center line of two different airways which converge at the Bozeman airport,
18 miles east of Three Forks.  In fact, if you stay to the west of the
Three Forks airport in a little wedge of airspace you can fly aerobatics
without a waiver.  The only other need for a waiver was to get below
1500AGL to work on the intermediate sequences in a more realistic manner.
It wouldn't be that big a deal to stay about 1500AGL.

Anyway, do any of you have suggestions about what to try next?

Klein Gilhousen
Bozeman, MT
Yak-55M N41126


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