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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Waiver--HELP!!

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Waiver--HELP!!


Thread: Waiver--HELP!!

Message: Re: Waiver--HELP!!

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From: Stamper123 at

Date: Tue, 09 Jul 1996 15:43:02 UTC


  In a message dated 96-07-08 15:05:19 EDT, you write:

>There seem to be two issues:
>1) the fact that the box is over an uncontrolled public airport and
>2) I do not have a certificate of acrobatic competency.

You are being screwed.

A low altitude cert is not required.  Contact the IAC for info on this, as
there is a letter of agreement between the FAA and IAC on this issue.  They
can provide copies of this letter, and tell you the reference section in the
FAA inspectors handbook (or something like that).

Aerobatic practice areas are routinely located over or near airports.  If it
overlays the runway, or other structures or areas where people gather, you
have a problem.  If it is merely next to an airport over open land and not
conflicting with normal traffic operations, there should be no problem.  We
were able to get a "no radio/no ground observor" box approved next to a
nearby airport, although the FAA requires ground observation and radio
contact for more than 2 hrs consecutive use.

Get help from the EAA/IAC.  They are your best source.

Meanwhile, if it has been yanked because of complaints from the airport
manager or other high dignitary, you might as well find another place.  The
FAA won't fight your battles on the ground for you.



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