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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Waiver--HELP!!

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Waiver--HELP!!


Thread: Waiver--HELP!!

Message: Re: Waiver--HELP!!

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From: <kleing at> (Klein Gilhousen)

Date: Tue, 09 Jul 1996 16:29:37 UTC


  Thanks to everyone for all the helpful comments.

I found on the web the FAA order 8700.1, Chapt 31, para 5, A, (2) which
says what you've all been telling me, i.e., that the FAA Form 8710-7 is not
required for contests and practice areas.  I quoted it back to the FAA.

Yesterday, I called the FSDO in Helena and talked to one of the guys there.
He confessed that the real reason for the cancellation of the waiver was
noise complaints.  The reasons stated in the letter were a mere bureacratic
smoke screen.  Funny that they didn't quote one of the provisions of the
waiver to me as a reason.  It states: "Property owners below or near the
area should not be unnecessarily inconvenienced and should be agreeable to
the activity."  I suppose they could have used this as the excuse but

The facts are that I'd used the box a total of 6 days before they decided
to cancel the waiver.  Those six days were spread over a six week period.
Total time logged in the area of the box was four hours.  I was the only
one using the box.  No one was mad enough to bother to come over to the
airport and complain to me in person during this time or even to call the
airport.  Last week, after the cancellation was already in the mail, a
property owner came by to complain on two different days.  The first time,
I assumed he was confusing me with an ag plane that had been spraying the
area for mosquito control all morning at 25 ft AGL and less.  Besides, he
wouldn't tell me where his house was so I couldn't do much for him anyway.
His second visit, the FBO owner and I got him to calm down a bit and we
went for a drive around his property and had a long discussion about what
it would take to make him happy.  It seemed to me that we'd succeeded in
this.  And then the letter arrived.

So.....if the real reason is the noise issue, then I'm pretty upset that
the FAA never gave me a chance to try to solve the situation myself.
Typical arbitrary, knee-jerk, bureacratic response, I guess.

I wrote a four page long letter last night and faxed it to the FSDO.  I
think I incorporated all the arguments.  If anyone else wants to look at
the letter, drop me an e-mail and I'll attach it to a response.

Thanks everyone,


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