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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: New Mail Field


Thread: New Mail Field

Message: New Mail Field

Follow-Up To: ACRO Email list (for List Members only)

From: Mark Driver <mdriver at>

Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1996 17:12:51 UTC


  Hi everyone,

Please notice that all list messages now contain a "X-Unsub:" field to
remind everyone how to unsubscribe from the lists.  Hopefully this will help
to curtail the daily rash of list messages with administrative requests.


Mark A. Driver, Ph.D.             T[RC>       __________|__________
Asst. Prof. of Mech. Eng.         |               |   \_ at _/   |
Christian Brothers University   at   |             __|___{_+_}___|__
650 E. Parkway S.              |/[]                   /   \
Memphis, TN 38104              |                    8<     >8
                              / \   


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