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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Oshkosh Plans / Mark Driver

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Oshkosh Plans / Mark Driver


Thread: Oshkosh Plans / Mark Driver

Message: Re: Oshkosh Plans / Mark Driver

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From: jefzick at (noresponse)

Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1996 22:11:14 UTC


  >I remember that this time last year there was a lot of bandwidth used in
>discussing Oshkosh plans.  This'll be my first trip up so I'd like to know
>who's going and where you'll be hanging out (unless you're trying to avoid
>me!) I'll arrive on 31 July but, unfortunately, will have to depart on 03
>Let's hear some chatter!


One's first Oshkosh is filled with a special excitement and energy a kin to
a lot of firsts in life. Your head will be spinning and you won't know where
to go first -- you won't be able to touch and feel everything -- and that's
great the first few visits -- (then you get more selective and plan a bit). 

I'm sure you'll get a lot of "chatter" and suggestions -- but definitely the
place to meet and greet will be the IAC building, just inside the flightline
gate under the big scoreboard, just SE of the tower. (BTW -- the big board
was erected for the last WAC in the USA in 1980.) Although you'll find IAC
folks there at all times, most folks congregate just before the airshow.
There is also a notebook in which to leave messages -- in case you miss
someone or plans change.

In case you do get past the euphoria and want to plan your time a bit, you
may study the forum and demonstration schedules ahead of time on the web or
in the program book (or Sport Aviation) to zero in on your interests.  There
is an IAC sponsored forum (usually in the same tent at the same morning hour
each day). Depending on program content, you run into a lot of IACers there

The commercial buildings (better than gambling your $$ away), in my opinion,
are best visited early before the heat of day and madding crowds. If you're
a soft-serve ice cream fan, be sure to try the Wisconsin frozen "custard" at
the concession stands. (No food or drink on the flightline.) The IAC
building, beside the shaded front porch, offers a spot to rest under an
umbrella and a cold drink for sale.

My schedule this year will not permit an extended stay, but will be flying
in and out for a couple of days,  August First for sure.  Hope to meet you
at the IAC building.


Jeff Zych
Chapter One


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