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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: WAC96: Swiss team pilots need a plane

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: WAC96: Swiss team pilots need a plane


Thread: WAC96: Swiss team pilots need a plane

Message: WAC96: Swiss team pilots need a plane

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From: Pierre-Alain Schneider <schneide at>

Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 10:42:49 UTC


Two of our best pilots members of the Swiss Team are registered to participate at the WAC. Having no support to bring their planes to America, they are looking for a US plane and so far couldn't locate one. As far I know, the Schweizer (father and son) resigned rather than flying another plane than the one they trained on and I fear the Swiss Team will be almost absent at Oklahoma city if no solution is found.
I forward the message from Peter Gafner. Can anyone help ?
Thanks a lot.

Pierre-Alain Schneider
SAA-Swiss Aerobatic Association

>We are participant of the World Aerobatic Championship in Oklahoma and we
>have no airplane until now :-(  We look out for a Sukhoi or other unlimited
>We are to pilots from the Swiss National Team, Pierre Marmy, 2nd of the
>Swiss Championship, and me, Peter Gafner, 3rd of the Swiss Championship.
>There is also our friend and trainer, Azat Zaidoullin, best Ukraine pilot.
>We all have a lot of experience in flying Sukhoi (26, 29 and 31), Extra and
>Do you have an airplane for rent for the WAC'96??? Or do you have some
>adresse around Oklahoma for rent Sukhoi, Pitts or Extra? Please let me know
>as soon as possible - WAC is in august :-)
>At the last two WAC of glider, the USA-Team has flown my Celstar glider
>and I hope now, to get a good offer back :-/. ? ?
>Best regards, your IAC-Member 19509
>Peter Gafner :-), Switzerland

Peters phone is +4155/240-6577  and fax +4155/240-6593
Or e-mail to Béatrice Tétaz, Swiss Aerobatic Association president : tetaz at


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