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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Yak 18T Versatility


Thread: Yak 18T Versatility

Message: Yak 18T Versatility

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From: ACCassidy at

Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 19:58:24 UTC


  To all you aerobatic family folk, just listen in....

I've just had such a fun weekend that I felt obliged to talk about this

Nick and I are both experienced competition pilots who like to travel.  We
both feel like visiting our friends in Ireland for a very friendly contest
held there.  But it is a long way by European standards for us to fly our
usual single-seat competition mounts, and we both have wives who would like
to see the Emerald Isle for the first time.

So I persuade Richard Goode, the Russian aircraft importer to let us hire the
Yak 18T for the weekend, and our Irish friends agree to us flying the
Sportsman sequence in competition for the Celtic Trophy (a cup presented to
the highest percentage scorer, regardless of category).

The Friday afternoon flight to Abbeyshrule, four of us with baggage and 230
litres of fuel, takes us two-and-a-half hours non-stop and includes flying
through a cold front which would have grounded our regular non-gyro aircraft.
 In no-wind conditions we land easily in about half the 580 metre strip at
our destination.  The contest is due to start Saturday so we spend Friday
afternoon with our wives sightseeing on the west coast and visiting the Aran
Islands.  The Yak easily gets off from the 560 metre runway at Inisheer with
4 pob and about 170 litres of fuel.

On Saturday Nick and I fly the Sportsman Known sequence - in my case with a
well-respected local pilot as a passenger - and we score well enought to take
1st and 2nd overall in the contest.  On Sunday morning we fly an impromptu
Unknown contest and make 1 and 2 again but the other way round - so we both
get a prize.

In between we sample the excellent Irish hospitality as a foursome instead of
as 2 lonesome bachelors.

On leaving the Irish mainland at Waterford on Sunday afternoon, we are able
to upload 260 litres of duty-free AVGAS (and that means a hefty saving on
this side of the pond) for our return trip.  We easily get airborne with full
4 pob, full fuel and our bags, now increased in weight by a couple of
trophies and several good meals.

And we can cruise at 120 knots for just a little more fuel than a 172, or
make 160 knots if pressed for time.

This is one fine aeroplane, with nimble handling for a 4-seater and great
load-carrying capacity, combined with short-field performance from its 360 hp
M14P radial.  Can anyone beat it for such versatility?  And you can buy a new
one for less than $100K or a slightly used example for $70K.

Let me know if you want more info, or fax Richard on +44 171-414-0523.

Happy landings,

Alan Cassidy

PS.  Richard Goode did not ask for this testimonial!!


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