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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Aerobatic Aircraft At EAA/OSH


Thread: Aerobatic Aircraft At EAA/OSH

Message: Aerobatic Aircraft At EAA/OSH

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From: Karen Diamond <73551.2157 at CompuServe.COM>

Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 02:48:10 UTC


  Hey Gang,

If you plan to attend the Oshkosh convention with your aerobatic aircraft,
please let me know in advance via e-mail (private). I am planning my interview
and photography sessions in advance where possible. (plus it will save some
running around on my broken foot--yes, I've been grounded . . . another story!)

Please e-mail me at 73551.2157 at OR KKDiamond at with the
following information:
Date of arrival/departure. Aircraft make and model, N number, where you PLAN to
be parked, and/or where you can be located. Name, IAC #, city & state. Also, any
particulars about the aircraft, ie. recently completed, restored, modified, etc.

As for me: I will be in Oshkosh 7/31-8/7. Will be carrying my mobile phone, # is
402-680-3333. Staying at the Budgetel in OSH. OR leave a message for me at the
IAC building.

I will be in Fond du Lac Aug 8-13. Same mobile phone #, and I am staying at the
Ramada in FDL.

Finally, I will be then heading to WAC in OK City, arriving on the 16th of
August. Again, if you plan to have your aerobatic a/c there, let me know.
Staying at the Radisson, and will be carrying the mobile phone.

I WILL be in touch on e-mail throughout August on both my compuserve and aol

Most important, I will be in a serious picture-taking/interview mode . . .
please notify me of your presence at any of these events! And, if you care to
volunteer as a "news hound" for SPORT AEROBATICS . . . by all means, let me
know. One last note . . .  does anyone have a good photo plane they care to
provide for air-to-air photos?

Thanks in advance to everyone. I look forward to seeing many of you--and your

Karen Diamond,


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