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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: 3 blade fix prop


Thread: 3 blade fix prop

Message: 3 blade fix prop

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From: DARWIN JONES <jonesdl at>

Date: Thu, 01 Aug 1996 16:37:54 UTC


  For those interested I have a 3 blade wood prop from Performance Propeller.
I put wood on because I do not have the thicker aerobatic flange the wood is
about 16lbs lighter than a metal and cost $1,900 for prop, bolts, and 

I went with the 3 blades because the manufacture said I would be more efficient
at cruise and at the 2900-3000 RPM I want to run at while doing Acro. It made
some logic in my mind. I have no regreats, but I have not flown with this new
engine and HP with a metal prop. 

I would still like to do some experiments with someone who has 180-200hp
pitts regarding vertical and max speed. someone in the MD,DE,PA,VA area.
maybea at a practice session or before or after a contest. We could report 
the results here.

Darwin Jones


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