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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Computer Conection and the WAC

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Computer Conection and the WAC


Thread: Computer Conection and the WAC

Message: Computer Conection and the WAC

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From: Bud Shaw <bshaw at>

Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 17:07:15 UTC


  Great work on getting some much needed exposure for the World Aerobatic  
Compeition via your coverage of the Air & Space web site!  This is a grossly  
underrated sport and the fact that biennial World Championship event is being  
held in the USA seems to be almost completely overlooked by the media.   
Perhaps the public does not understand the difference between the extreme  
precision of competition aerobatics and good old fashioned barnstorming, but  
maybe CNN could be a leader in helping to overcome the stereotype with some  
well-placed film clips and short sound bites.  It may also be of interest that  
some of the best pilots in the USA and the world are women - that women  
compete against men quite well in this sport.  Considering the fact that there  
are many more men than women in the sport to start, the observation that we  
had a woman win the National Championship within the last couple of years  
(Patty Wagstaff) makes it even more intriguing.  I would encourage you to pass  
on a plug to the Sports Dept to take a look at this event as a great  
opportunity to jazz up the daily sports reports.


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